Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Luck of the Irish

Felix felicis. I'm officially the luckiest girl in the world.
They're going to repair my computer. For free.

I didn't believe it when the guy told me. Honestly I'm still kind of in shock.

So I decided it would be smart to take part of the FORTUNE I'm saving and purchase a hard case. Methinks that's a good idea.

Thus, I won't have a computer for a couple of days. (Right now I'm using one of the computers in the student library--it's nauseatingly frustrating.)

Qll the keys qre in different plqces qnd I cqnmt for the life of ,e re,e,ber zhere to find everything1

Every word is an uphill battle to not sound like an idiot.

Also I counted 9 bug bites on the top of my right foot. Sorry if that's gross, but it's pretty much ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT right now.


Obviously I cannot upload my photos from Eze at the moment seeing as I have no computer, so I'll have to continue postponing that . . . post. I know, you're all really torn up about it.

This weekend I think some friends of mine are going to travel around to a few nearby areas like Cannes, St. Tropez, and maybe even Grasse. So that could lend itself to being super duper fun.

I apologize for the lack of interesting stories today. My mom told me over skype that she could tell when I was sad because my blog posts were funnier. So I guess you can just take this to mean everything is okay right now?

I'll be sure to give myself a paper cut before my next post.

Until then (although now I'm not really looking forward to it),

Amitiés :)

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