Tuesday, November 29, 2011


trashcan: la poubelle

I am prepared. My teeth and ambitions are bared. This week will surely be the most intellectually taxing of my stay in France. Lots of work due. Lots of responsibilities coming to a head. Everything is culminating at the end of the semester, and it is slightly overwhelming. Please pray for me . . . if that's something that you do. I don't pretend to know who/what you worship.

If not, then just think about me real hard.

If that is still asking too much, then I guess just enjoy my blog post. I suppose even horribly selfish people need a good laugh.


[If you're reading this entry hoping to be entertained with stories of faraway galaxies and magical fairy lands where Molly has recently ventured, you will be sorely disappointed. As the semester draws to a close, it is becoming increasingly difficult to commit long amounts of time away from productivity. That's not to say that I'm a superhuman study machine with absolutely no room for procrastination. Quite the contrary. (What do you think I'm doing right now?) It's just hard to say "I'm definitely not going to study at all today" and then be morally okay with that. So the following accounts will be more or less devoid of jet-setter material. I hope this isn't too disappointing.]


1. Today I was more productive than I've been since that last time I told you how productive I was. I went to the post office, the bank, the grocery store, the train station, class, the library, and even the kitchen to cook myself some very delicious veggie soup. Ack! I'm so adulty! When did this happen?!!

2. Well, to add to this adultiness, last night I went to the symphony with Zara and Ricky. It was SO fun! And it was free, making the fun exponentially greater. But, I should tell you (and I'm aware this will completely nullify all attempts at convincing you that I'm a grown up), but when I go to the symphony, I like to close my eyes and choreograph little Fantasia cartoon sequences in my head to go with the music. So it looks like I'm sleeping, but really I'm enjoying classical music the only way I know how. Through visual whimsy. Since we weren't given programs, and my knowledge of classical music is that of a dandelion, this is the only account of the night's performances that I can give you--a song-by-song description of what was dancing through my head (as scribbled on a notepad so I wouldn't forget it):

(Classical music often fills me with inspiration. Also images of hippos in tutus.)

-A very depressed mole who has no ambition to emerge from his hole to see the sun
-(I'm not gonna lie. My mind wandered in this one. Soooo dull. Sorry classical music. Somebody had to say it.)
-There is this royal procession with a lot of fancy horses drawing fancy carriages. The horses are really proper. But there is one new horse who is smaller than all the other horses. He is not very good at pulling carriages. But he wants to be. Unfortunately he is clumsy. This does not work in his favor.
-Near the horse procession, there is a jester who is trying desperately to make a living. He waves cards in people's faces and jumps through hoops to make a quick buck. By the end he is doing 8 things at once and falls over.
-There are 2 apple-cheeked children baking a pie without their mother's help. They are strangely efficient. Reminds me of "Whistle While You Work."

These are the children I envisioned.

-A man and a woman are ice skating on a pond. They are very good. There is also another man who is not so good. He is skating with a cherub who shames the man with his talent. Then there is a snowball fight by the pond. It ends in a standoff.
-There is a sad man who works in a factory. He does the same thing everyday, but he dreams of doing something different. One day he decides to quit, and he sprints out of the factory and finds the city. It is like New Orleans with jazzy music and dancing, and he is thrilled. But then there is a parade, and the music and the dancing become too much for the man. He runs back to the factory. And he is happy there.
-An elephant and an acrobat get ready for the circus.
-The rainforest at dawn. Slowly all the flowers open. There is a baby snake. He sees all the other animals who have hands, and he is sad because he doesn't have hands. And everyone is scared of him because he is a snake. This makes him more sad. Then he meets a squirrel who is not afraid. The squirrel tries to make hands for the snake out of sticks and leaves. This does not work. Then there is a fire! And there are men cutting down trees! And the snake saves the squirrel because he scares away the men.

Then they played that "Can Can" song 2 times. We all clapped along. It was so fun. I don't know the name of the song, but I always sing "Can Can, can you do the Can Can, can you do the Can Can, can you do the . . ." and so on and so forth.

3. On a more relaxed note, the other morning I woke up to this:


4. When Zara and I hang out, we always find words or phrases in English that we say differently. It's like a game.

I say "knock on wood."
She says "touch wood."
I say "pacifier."
She says "dummy."
I say "Where's Waldo?"
She says "Where's Wally?"
I say "candy."
She says "sweets."
I say "course."
She says "module."
I say "that powder stuff that you put in regular water to make it flavored water."
She says "squash."

So we learn a lot. Even in English.


Welp, that's all I have.

I guess it's morning now.

So good morning!
And in case I don't see ya--good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

Amitiés :)

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