Monday, April 9, 2012


slam poetry: le slam

My goodness what a busy bee I've been.

Busy busy busy.

But all for good things.

Since I usually reserve blogging for the evenings, I was forced to put it on the back burner this week, as almost every night was wrought with other fun things to do. Movies, poetry slams, rock climbing, Easter dinner, and "karaoke" kiiind of took precedence.

But I'm back to recount some of the wondrous wondrous things I've done.

This past Wednesday, the first of the month, there was another poetry slam at that little hole-in-the-wall place that I'd visited last month. I decided to go back, this time with Heather (from Arizona). We got there, we sat down, the only Anglophones in the room.

And then the intermission.

I decided, for the second round of poets, that I would sign up to recite something.

I said to myself, "Molly, you better slam that poetry." And I did.

I recited a poem (in English) by Sarah Kay called "B." It's pretty much my favorite poem of all time ever. And even though most of the audience was French, and maybe some of them don't speak English even a little bit, I think they understood. (And I think maybe they didn't care when I skipped a sizable chunk in the middle cos I was focusing too hard on keeping the microphone steady in my trembling hands.)

This video was another one of the slam poets who performed. His was a little more slammy than mine. And still very powerful. (Sorry for the terrible cameramanship. It took me a few seconds to make it not sideways.)

(Toward the end I got scared that the guy at the door was giving me the stink-eye, so I hid the camera behind the man in front of me. Video quality is less than adequate.)

As the final poets were performing, the emcee-like guy asked me if I had another poem to recite, and I said no, and he said "Well, that's a shame." So then I thought real hard, and I came up with one to perform, but it was too long for the time we had left. But it's probably for the best. "The Monster's Three Wishes" would have definitely ruined my cool mojo I had established with the first poem.

But it really was exhilarating. And I really want to go back next month.

But probably not with "The Monster's Three Wishes."

Amitiés :)

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