Saturday, September 3, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days!

I want to dedicate this poem to the many hours of sleep that I lost 2 nights ago. You will be missed. I call it "Nice's Pieces."

I made it to Nice,
And all in one piece.
Wow! It hasn't sunk in that I'm here!
Even though I've no friends,
I'll make some by the end,
Since I've already paid for the year.

Nice ahoy! I can't believe my directionally challenged brain was able to get me here FINALLY. And I haven't really gotten that lost yet!

Here's one for you: if a plane leaves Nashville at 12:25 in the afternoon traveling at 30,000 ft, flying at whatever speed planes fly, how long will it take a sleep-deprived 20 year old to get to France?
Somehow the answer is 4 in the afternoon the next day. But Nice is also 7 hours ahead. Too much math there.

Some of the highlights so far:

1. Nashville
    -There was a bird in the airport. So I took a picture.

    -There was also a woman reading The Help upside down. I did not take a picture.
2. New York, New York!!
    -Surprise! I was waiting in the wrong terminal for like an hour and a half. This did, however, wind up working in my favor because I totally saw Nigel Barker on his way to the Helsinki gate. Finland's Next Top Model?

    -I did manage to make it to my terminal on time. Whew. Then they called my name over the loudspeaker to swipe my passport for some reason. I don't know, maybe I'm on a list now.
    -I watched Paul on the plane. Don't do it. It sucked.
    -Also the guy next to me had dreads, his pants were rolled up to his knees, and he drank 2 mini bottles of airplane wine before falling asleep on my shoulder. Oh, I'm sorry, the Captain guy sitting next to me.

3. London
    -I saw a double-decker bus.
4. NICE!
    -I kept finding myself nodding off with my mouth WIDE open. One time I jumped and made a nasty throat noise, so I tried to cover it up with a cough. I thought it was successful, but the next time I woke up the girl next to me was gone. I thought she'd gone to the bathroom. She never came back. I must have scared her off with my rude American sleepiness.
    -There was another bird in the airport. It's symbolic and meaningful.
5. Le bus
    -We rode past the beach. Speedos.
6. Temporary hotel
    -All the amenities of an American hotel, 1/4 the size.


Views from mah window.

    -When I turned on the tv, the first shows I saw were 7th Heaven, Extreme Home Makeover Edition, and Kyle XY (in French, obvi). Classic television.
    -A yummy boulangère-made sandwich ensued.

Today was filled with traveling from one side of Nice to another trying to sort through my housing sitch. REALLY long story short, I now have a dorm room! It is, if you can believe it, at most, 1/2 the size of my hotel room. So what is that, 1/8 the size of an American hotel room?? F'reals.

This was the view from somewhere on the street where I found my dorm. Sometimes being lost has its advantages.
I kid you not.

Also I thought I bought my first PAMPLEMOUSSE today. Turns out it was a pomelo? Disappointment. Then pleasant surprise.

These posts won't be so long as the year progresses. But isn't that how blogs work?

Amitiés :)

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