Sunday, February 5, 2012

Miscellaneousness and/or Miscellaneity

Because all my other posts have been so thematic.

I have a lot of thoughts in my head right now. And they don't really have any particular organization, save the fact that they were all either thought or done in the past 3 days.

So I will just provide you with a melange of things to think about, none of which have anything to do with one another. Sort of like an episode of Lost.

1. So, first and foremost, it's freaking cold here. I am disappointed that the temperature can't seem to get his business together. If he wants to act out like this, he should at least try to compensate with a flurry or two or seven. General reciprocity, temperature. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. It's a fairly straightforward concept.

2. Unbeknownst to me, the theatre class dress code has evolved. Apparently we recently defeated the Balrog and now everyone wears all white. A flood of uncomfortable memories of confusion and exclusion rushed over me as I realized what a waste my new black shirt was. Instead of a beautiful flower in a sea of darkness like last semester, I was the piraty black spot trapped in a city of angels. Tomato tomato.

Then we spent the entire class reciting French tongue twisters, memorizing them on the spot, wandering the stage repeating them over and over without opening our teeth, and then performing a solo interpretation of the twister with complementary body movements, still with the self-imposed lockjaw. It was unseemly.

Now, I pride myself on my proficiency with the French language, but I pride myself even more on how good I am at tongue twisters. Unfortunately, the combination of the two turned into an orange juice/toothpaste situation, and it didn't taste good in my mouth.

There's a certain point where "Le mur mugissant malmene les moites moroses et m'amene les murs murants des vagues" goes too far, causing your brain to seriously consider spontaneous combustion. (DISCLAIMER: I'm pretty sure this isn't real French. It's just what I heard with my crippled American ears.)

Also, I find opening my jaw is essential when pronouncing French words. There are far too many "zha zha" sounds.

3. Two nights ago, I met up with Zara, Ricki, and Ricki's boyfriend whose name I can't spell to cook dinner at the residence. We had pancaky crèpes with spinach and tomatoes and chèvre cheese among other things. It was VERY delicious. Then yesterday a group of us went into town to hang out and shop around. It was really fun too. We decided to walk down the Promenade instead of going by bus, and, despite the cold, the beach is very pleasant in the middle of winter.

4. I'm fairly certain something happened to the hall director in my residence building--you know, the snarky one who yelled at me for asking if they sold bed linens to students. He's nice to me now. He calls me Mademoiselle Kessler and jokes about the weather. I haven't decided what happened to him yet. It must be my charming personality.

5. We're going to see Cabaret tonight! I'm so excited!

6. And I'm going to Geneva this weekend!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

7. We now return to "Stories About Mundane Things" Episode #482--The Key.

Yesterday morning, before going for a run, I had a super ingenious plan. Instead of bringing my whole wallet, why not bring . . . wait for it . . . just my room key? It was a novel idea. But I couldn't very well put my monster room key in my shoe without incurring a foot wound. So I decided to tie the key to my shoelace and leave for my run.

Unfortunately, I didn't account for the fact that I would need to lock my door.

Now normally this wouldn't be a problem. But my running shoe shoelaces are 7 miles long, so I always have to quintuple-knot them. Therein lied the dilemma. I had a brief internal war--laziness vs. sanity. In the end laziness prevailed. So I did what any normal person would do. I attempted to lock my door with my foot key.

Apparently I'm not as flexible as I think I am. And apparently there are other morning-people living on my floor.

Your judgement will only make me stronger.

I pretended I was stretching.

No, this is totally normal.

Well, now that I've sufficiently rambled on about a lot of nothing . . .

Amitiés :)

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