Friday, February 10, 2012

A Whole New World Traveler

This blog post will be lacking a middle ground.

Namely, these past few days have been a veritable whirlwind of emotion. Like Dorothy gale force winds.

(hehe see what I did there?)

But let's be serious for a minute, you guys.

Okay enough of that.

I use humor to combat my feelings!

But for real. I've been pretty frustrated for a while with stuff. Just feeling like I haven't been taking advantage of my time over here, not traveling enough, et cetera et cetera.

After talking it out with various loved ones over "skype: the world's most frustrating communication device," I realized I just needed to do it. Just go. Jus' git on out there and keep on keepin' on. So that's what I decided to do. So I've taken it upon myself to contact various parties across Europe and in my own Niçois backyard, and I've officially started laying out the rest of my semester, and I couldn't be happier.

Let's skip all the drama and fast-forward to the past few days, when the whirlwind really took hold and lifted me out of my 21st century quagmire and into the future!


We'll start local.

So we have a long break coming up in a few weeks at the end of February, and the majority of my European friends already had plans to visit significant others or family or wanh wanh wanh wanh wanh. I was less than prepared to face Europe alone. Then I remembered there was a group of girls from Canada in a few of my classes who I'd talked with a lot and who were very sweet. So I sent one of them a facebook message, and now I'm going to Madrid and Lisbon with them at the end of February!!


We're flying from Nice to Geneva to Madrid to Lisbon to Madrid to Geneva to Nice for TEN DAYS! I can't hardly wait.

Well, that wasn't as local as I had anticipated. But yeah!

So exciting.


I also contacted a friend of mine, Mary, who I haven't actually seen since middle school who is studying abroad in Montpellier right now (just west of Nice)! We realized that neither of us have class on Fridays, so we're currently in the process of planning a weekend trip to Prague at the end of April!

Also, Mary brought up that she was flying out of Nice this Friday, and she wondered if she could crash at my place for the night. And I said of course! So writing this portion is a little bit strange, as she's currently sleeping on my floor. Haha?

(She also reminded me that she still has a ceramic box that I painted in the 6th grade from All Fired Up at her house. She's been "meaning to give it back to me." We're making arrangements for the summer.)


Also Cabaret was FANTASTIC! And we even got to sit about 4 rows back from the stage! I was amazed at how much of the play I could understand (even though it was in French). I think it might have something to do with the emphasis thespians places on enunciation. Probably. But really, it was so good! I would have taken pictures, but there was a STRICT no cameras policy. And I feared for my safety. And my camera.


On Monday night the girls and I got together to celebrate Angela's birthday. We started in her room, with food and wine, and then went out into town to finish the evening. It was très enjoyable.

Oh also that night, some French people told me my accent was not that pronounced! One girl even said she couldn't tell where I was from, though she knew it wasn't France! Still. What compliments!


Hahahahaha Mary just woke up and asked me what time it was 6 times. She was very concerned. Hahahahaha


Today in theatre class . . . we danced.

Well, we weren't dancing, but some of the girls started performing a choreographed dance thing during the break, and my teacher got distracted (as he is wont to do), so then we did that for the rest of class.

But, instead of simply learning the dance, he had a few of us go behind the girls who knew the choreography to act like comedians? Basically he wanted the 4 of us to emulate the dancers but be funny. Which I found hilarious. (I think he just teaches this class for his own amusement.) But, you guys, I think we did that dance routine 18 times through at least, and that, for me, is a lot of dancing. I am very tired right now.


I'm supposed to wake up to go to Geneva in about an hour and a half.

Soooo I'm gonna go now.

See you on Monday Muddy Monday!

Amitiés :)

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