Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adventures in Introspection

My common sense is a pushover.

He tries to reason with me, but I always get the best of him. Every time.

A few days ago I decided my purpose in life was to go for a hike, and if I didn't do it immediately I would implode. Unfortunately, there's only one hiking trail close by that I know of. I knew what I was getting myself into. But did that stop me? No way, Monet.

Being the loving abstract idea that he is, my common sense popped in for a visit.

Well, I showed my common sense. I showed him that my pride is a lot stronger than my failing limbs and depreciated endurance level.

To reward myself, I bought some grapes from the grocery store, walked up to the cathedral, and sat outside to read my book and look pensive. But then it got really cold. And the bus back to Nice wasn't coming for another hour. So I snuck into the cathedral for warmth and continued reading in there. It's okay though. The book I was reading was really thick, so it kind of looked like the Bible.

Amitiés :)


  1. so did you hike up only to catch the bus down?

    1. The hike up was about an hour and a half. It starts at the beach and goes all the way up to Eze village. And the bus took me back to Nice, not back to the start of the trail.


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