Saturday, January 21, 2012


This song most aptly expresses how I feel right now.

Especially the tango part

After 3 long grueling weeks of exams, I have finally freed myself of the first semester fly paper, and I'm SO excited to start again fresh this semester.

Unfortunately, this clean break is a brief one, as classes start again on Monday. (Exams after Christmas are genuinely less satisfying.)

After these past three weeks, I can feel my body deteriorating right before my eyes from a lack of social interaction and vitamin D. But since most of my friends have either left Nice for good or are traveling elsewhere, I'll have to stick to remedying the latter.

I want to take this moment and extend my apologies to those I've neglected these past few weeks (ie. everyone I've ever known ever). Exams sort of put me in a funk. A funky funk that causes me to shut myself away, beyond the reaches of civilized society where I must live off the land and use my computer by candlelight, until the exams are over. Unfortunately for us, these exams have lasted 3 weeks, thus extending my STOP . . . hermit-time. Again, if you have felt in any way forgotten or abandoned these past few weeks, know that you're not alone. I've neglected everyone. I'm just that good.

Now that that's out of the way, I've decided to make the most of my free weekend. So, tomorrow I'm getting up early (fingers crossed) to explore parts of Nice I haven't seen yet, like some of the museums, the Russian church, maybe read some of my book, etc etc. Grown up girly stuff.

Then on Sunday I'm gonna try and get up to the mountains! Like in the skiing areas! I'm not actually going to ski since I'll be alone, and that just seems silly. But it's really inexpensive to get up there, and since I LOVE the mountains so much, I thought it would be fun! And it shall be fun. It shall be.

So hopefully there will be more exciting stories from that. But, for now, the most exciting thing I have to report is the poached egg I made for lunch.


Amitiés :)

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