Monday, January 23, 2012


Here's a shocking piece of information:

My plans from this weekend didn't exactly pan out the way I'd documented them previously. But I've found that to be very typical for me.

So I'm not too worried about it.

On Saturday I played it like Frankie and relaxed. So I didn't do as much exploring as I had wanted, but instead I took my book down to the beach and read on one of the benches nearby. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long as my yearning to be that lady from Eat, Pray, Love was overpowered by my intense regret from having forgotten my scarf and my surprise at how uncomfortable benches are.

So I'll have to try that again later when it gets a little warmer.

Then on Sunday, I was a big brave dog and decided to attempt a feat which I have only attempted one other time since arriving in France. Jogging.
(Or . . . it might be "yogging" with a soft j. I'm not sure.)

Regardless, my "run" quickly devolved into a walk/run of sorts, causing me to repeatedly look like I was hitting some sort of Super Mario energy boost. But I actually made it to the end of the bus route behind my residence (which I failed to do the last time), and then all the way back down. It took me an hour. I already wish my ankles were made out of jello, so I could eat the pain away.

But I will survive! I will survive! As long as I know how to love I mnggh ehh seomf alive. I've got all my something something. I have something love and give. I will survive! I will survive! Hey hey!


ALSO, when I went to the kitchen to cook dinner later, I found a plate, a bowl, and a cup that someone was giving away! So I took them! (For good reason. My plastic plates that I bought at a euro store haven't been holding up very well. Who would've known? Also I don't have cups.) So now I have fancy shmancy ceramic dishes! Just like in the movies! Plus, it's the exact same weird under-ripe pea color as my plastic plates! It's "Plate: the Sequel."


School starts tomorrow. And I still don't know what classes I'm taking. This would never stand at UT.

Amitiés :)


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