Thursday, January 26, 2012

Déjà vu


I'm more exhausted than a tailpipe.

It has been a very busy few days. Let me illustrate it for you with words:

Classes started on Monday, so that's been pretty eventful. I actually think I almost have my timetable sorted. First try, suckers.

The proven success of my first-draft schedule all depends on an agreeable tomorrow. I decided, for reasons of scheduling and hate, to discontinue my efforts in mastering beginner's Portuguese. Instead I thought it would be fun to rekindle an old flame. Italian. (I mean, it always got in my way when I was trying to speak Portuguese anyway, so I must have retained something.) Unfortunately, at the University of Nice, you can't take Spanish, English, or Italian as a beginner. So I will have to hone the powers that be and pretend I know more than I do.
"It works every time" is something I hope to be able to say on Friday.


1. Portugais (Portuguese)
-Please, and no thank you.

1. Langue Française (French Language/Grammar)
-Powerpoint. Nuff said.

2. Littérature Comparée 2 (Comparative Literature)
-This will be a struggle. The prof was impossible to follow. She just talked and talked and talked. But it's fairy tales. Quite the toss-up.

3. Anglais-Traduction (English Translation)
-French/English translation class. 90% Canadian. 1% American. I am the 1%.

4. Morpho-phonologie (Morpho-phonology?)
-this is fancy-talk for "sounds."

5. Syntaxe (Syntax)
-This professor made some strange analogies. She danced around the point so much I almost told her she was on the hot tamale train (obscure reference).

6. Italien (Italian)
-I don't know why I'm translating these course titles for you anymore.

7. Pratique de l'acteur (Acting)
-Aw yeah. Here we go.

OH! Allllso, if I successfully prove my Italian is more than unsatisfactory, I will officially have four-day weekends ALL THE TIME! NO CLASS ON FRIDAY OR MONDAY! That would give me all the joy of the universe!

Molly, this is your life:


Okay, so I went to Portuguese. Because I am a forgiving life partner, and I always give second chances. But, Portuguese, loving you is difficult for me. Maybe the timing just isn't right. Maybe in another life we could have been something. But the way things are right now, I just don't see us being anything more than friends who pretend to take an important call when we see each other on the street. I hope you'll understand. And I assume you will, as I have a feeling you don't like me much either.

Sincerely, a Defeated Polyglot

That night I went with Zara and the exchange student activity group to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, or Millenium: The Men Who Didn't Like Women as the French title so nearly translated it. I had wanted to read the book beforehand, but sometimes these things happen. Plus I assumed it would be in French and I wouldn't understand it anyway. But it was in English. And it was graphic. If you are squeamish, you will squeam.


I had 2 classes. Grammar and fairy tales. And I knew people in both, so that's good.

This one's for the foodies--
Tuesday night I went over to my friend Angela's flat with Zara, Ricki, and Camille, and we all brought whatever food and wine we had and cooked a very well balanced meal of fancy salad and potato omelets! Then for dessert, Angela melted some dark chocolate and poured it over sliced bananas. SO GOOD.


And this is why I'm exhausted. 3 classes. 9-4:30 non-stop.

Also when I was sitting in my Syntaxe class waiting for it to start, a girl walked in and sat next to me and started talking to me. And guess what, avid readers! She was American! Arizonan to be precise! Flagstaffian to be preciser! Also she's with the same exchange program as me! And she said there are a few other Americans too! I AM NOT ALONE! And neither is she. She brought her husband and two sons with her to Nice. All I brought was The Hobbit.


I apologize for forcing all of you to be grown-ups and read something without pictures. I promise to do better next time.

Amitiés :)

UPDATE: Did anyone else read "Powerpoint. Nuff said." as "Powerpuff?" Yeah, me neither.

UPDATE: I feel bad for the lack of pictures. Here. This is me right now.

Jello limbs

UPDATE: I also got all my mom's pictures from our Christmas trip. So I might add some new ones to those posts in the near future.

UPDATE: ALSO! The girls and I bought tickets to see Cabaret on the 5th!

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