Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Vacation

It's beginning to look a lot like freaking Christmas.

Right now, thousands of miles away, a mother and her daughter are boarding a plane. A plane that will take them far far away. Far far away into the arms of a lovely lonely little girl--longing to see her family, itching to go to Paris, and trying really hard not to pee from excitement.

So this new Christmas adventure inevitably implies that I will be absent from the blogosphere for the next 10 days. (Huh. Blogosphere isn't underlined in red. That's surprising.)

I know you guys are sitting at home; you're sad 'cause you feel like I'm abandoning you. Well, don't be sad! You know why? I'm gonna come back with great stories! All for you!

Also, it's Christmas, get off the computer. Go talk to your grandma. Go make a gingerbread house out of Oreos. Go choreograph a dance to "Under the Sea" with your little cousins. The internet will be here when Christmas is over. But will Christmas be here when Christmas is over? Probably not.


Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get back to blogging!
(I imagine myself saying that with a Swedish accent. "Less git back ter bloggin!")

-a very French man yelling at his very English friend

2. The other night, I went over to Adelaide's room (a friend from Italy) with Zara and Ricki to say our goodbyes for the holidays. Ade made us some hot chocolate. Unfortunately, it tasted like an oil spill. You see, we didn't have a large quantity of milk, but that didn't stop her from using the ENTIRE box of hot chocolate powder. IT WAS SO VISCOUS. It wasn't even a drink anymore. Ricki was eating it with a spoon. And I was chewing it. I trusted her too, because Adelaide is Italian, and all Italians can cook anything and it's delicious. But it was like drinking a disease. Adelaide, you are the exception.

3. Today was laundry day. And I did a crapload of laundry. (And, yes, crapload is a very scientific measurement.) I amassed all my clothes and carried them downstairs to the laundry room.

I'd like to take this moment to point out that there are exactly 2 washers and 1 dryer for 3 residence buildings. I realize that 1 + 2 = 3. But I don't think that's how it's supposed to work.

When I got to the room, there was a guy sitting at the table. But there was a washer open! I set down my bags to get out my money. As soon as I turned around the guy jumped up from the table and started putting his sheets into the empty washer. "Aaaaaaalrighty then. I guess I'll come back later." So I left. Later, when I came back down, as I was putting my first load in the wash:

The Laundry King: "Aren't you going to say hi?"

Me: "I'm sorry?"

The Laundry King: "Most of the time when people come into a room, they will say hi. It's common courtesy. Blah blah blah."

Me: "Oh, uh, sorry, hello." (I'm still angry at you. I hope demons come and take all your left shoes.)

Then he continued asking me questions about my life and telling me his whole life story, about his brother who married a woman from the Bronx and now he drives a taxi in New York and how he used to work at a bank but he didn't want to do that anymore. Dude, I don't know your life!

Well, then the dryer was constantly occupied with a very long queue, so I decided to just hang up my clothes around my room. This was very strategic. Like Tetris. But with wet T-shirts. Now, there are clothes everywhere. I feel like a hippie.
But I smell piny fresh. (Maybe also like a hippie? A woodsy hippie anyway.) Honestly though, I don't think my room has smelled this good since I moved in.

Okay then.

That's all I have.

There's really nothing else.

But I will leave you with this:

♬ It's almost Christmastime
Bah rum bum bum bum
I'll find some words that rhyme
Bah rum bum bum bum
I'll give this year a toast
Bah rum bum bum bum
And I'll recap the post
Bah rum bum bum bum 

My mom and sis in France
Bah rum bum bum bum
Try not to wet my pants
Bah rum bum bum bum
Get off the internet
Bah rum bum bum bum
Zey are zee best baguette
Bah rum bum bum bum

Don't make me drink it please
Bah rum bum bum bum
It tastes just like disease
Bah rum bum bum bum
My laundry gives me strife
Bah rum bum bum bum
Dude, I don't know your life
Bah rum bum bum bum
Rum bum bum bum 
Rum bum bum bum 

Me and my drum.


Amitiés :)

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  1. your christmas picture is so cute! i made it my lapytop background.
    let us know if you hear any cute holiday french phrases :)


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